Festival accomodation options

Cariocas beach bar is located on a somewhat secluded Schinos Bay beach.The wooden handbuilt venue has now been around for 2 decades. The little fishing & holiday village Cariocas is located in has a variety of villas, apartments and rooms to rent while at the festival. Villas and apartments are often large enough offering an opportunity for lowered costs by means of sharing.

Most people find it more convenient to stay closer to the venue. Other places can be as far as 40 minutes away. That would require Uber or Taxi lifts back and forth from your hotel to the event. The cost could be taxing. However, there are advantages to staying at the hotels that are 40 minutes out. You’ll have more shopping and restaurant options.

To book a villa/apartment/room please contact  info@cariocas.gr

For campsite please see: https://www.campingalkioni.gr/en/

For hotels visit: hotels.com


Can normally accomodate 4 - 8 people from 120 euros per night. 


Modest apartments within the village can take anything between 2-6 people depending on the size from 70 - 90 euros per night


Individual rooms are also available from singles to doubles


A well managed campsite over the hill from the venue is also available to cater for your stay. More info here


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