EMBRACE Music Festival 2020
Sep 03, 4:00 PM GMT+3
Cariocas Beach Bar

Celebrating Africa's direct contributions to modern dance music & honouring those who paved the way, opened the doors for these sounds to heard in Europe & beyond. In parallel we are giving a space to lesser known, up-coming, great & underrated artists/djs a space to show case their creative talents




About us

Following the successful launch of Afrodesiamp3.com back in 2005 (eventually to shut down a few years later), a growing number of emerging South African producers got a fair platform to display & share their work with the world. The rising of now Famous DJ Black Coffee gave the music, the sound another platform as he began to tour Europe. Many door openers in Europe and beyond made this possible (the spreading of the sound) allowing Africa to have it’s say directly on modern dance music. The contribution today has shaped House music immensely yet no one has created an event to celebrate this milestone like we now are.


Embrace 2020 is here to celebrate Africa’s direct impact on global dance music & in the process honour those who made this possible. To do this we go back to the roots, to jazz music, to broken beat which followed many years later because it is these sounds & its creators who broke the dance floor open and made it ripe for house music and future sounds. We follow this with Soulful & deep flavours of house then end with strong colours of modern Afro Tech.


As a startup festival we have carefully curated a list of people (DJ’s/Producers) we strongly feel fulfil our mission both from a sound & social responsibility

perspective. In order to bring sustainability in the picture we are giving a larger than usual space to up & coming artists including but not limited to a large percentage of female DJ’s & producers because we dare! In a world where festivals are the next big thing, where the biggest DJ’s take stage with ridiculous

fees (sometimes justified), we are launching our festival purely based on values rather than hype. 


To make this happen it is not possible without your love, participation & support. Once upon a time, your favourite big name artist was a local up & coming raw talent so we ask you to dare with us & give space to the rising stars who perhaps don’t get as much light as they deserve. Do you remember how often the support act ends up being your favourite act? Well now you know just how good the music, the vibe is going to be!


For your info, we have big names too. Announced already & more to come…


We dare, do you?





By Train (From Athens airport)

more info to come

By Car (From Athens airport)

The venue is located in a village 1h 15 min drive (106km) from Athens airport. We will be arranging airport pickup's in the next few months... watch the space

Sep 03, 4:00 PM GMT+3 – Sep 06, 11:59 PM GMT+3
Cariocas Beach Bar,
Ag. Sotira 203 00, Greece


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